Sunday, 26 May 2013


My turn has come, she said, my turn has come to write the long parable of...
and she started to write it, and it began and ended with ellipses...
and she tried...
to construct...but the spaces and gaps
pauses, clauses (mostly subordinate)
got all mixed up.

It was meant to be prose,

but whether it can
turn out to be

who knows?


Elendil said...

The line-breaks make the language defamiliarizing enough to just about call this poetry, I'd say.

Strawberry Amma said...

So you mean to suggest writers who can't structure their thoughts well and format their text nicely better turn into poets?

There is something very striking I observe in almost all of your posts. Are you a person that likes to throw away things rather than hold on to them? *Things could be random objects, thoughts, ideas, emotions etc. etc.*

Don't take it personally, just felt this way after reading many of your posts.

little boxes said...
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little boxes said...

it would be a good world if everything began and ended with ellipsis.
everything caught in between-everything a jump but never a crash.

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