Saturday, 17 March 2012


I had this strange realization today. I realized that when I was younger, I loved mathematics. However, I did not give enough time to it because I would read novels all day (and all night.) After that, mathematics became a chore. In high school, we were not taught the beauty of mathematics, and I remember certain topics made my head ache (trigonometry, calculus, probability.) Anything which made me think too much, I shied away from. I just did NOT want to think. This was a fundamental flaw in my character.

Not loving mathematics and not trying to get into its depths made me an irrational and undisciplined person who looked towards literature as a means of escape. Today, trying to be a successful academic and scholar means that I have to question everything. This is where my irrationality and neurosis helps me to define my analytical self better. From Monday I sit down with mathematics, and start right from the very beginning.


moo-moo said...

Do you remember Mosha? Anyway, all the best! **shudders**

Zeebs said...

I loved both. No wait- I still love both. I'm a nerd, I know!

And nice blog :)

Strawberry Amma said...

I used to hate Mathematics too, and still do. Highly imaginative people often like to see the bigger picture, more than the small elements that make up the big picture. That's precisely how the brain works - right and left brain combination. The right brained person tries to see the big picture first and fits in elements to complete the picture in parts. Math is just the opposite. For individuals having a dominant right brain function, it is difficult to find Mathematics interesting.

If you want to see the smaller picture and chase results, Math is a wonderful way to go about this excercise. However, if you'd like to work on a more imaginative profession, say that of a writer or a scientist, I'd not recommend solving Math problems to overcome your difficulties.

Elendil said...

GeeAarEee? Amakeo korte hobe. *gulp*

little boxes said...

I hated maths till i got to high school and discovered the joy of calculus.
the beauty with which each step opened up in sequence was really had a sense of treasure hunt attached to it and each line of solving was like taking a wrapper off a gift.
good luck to you

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