Tuesday, 31 May 2011


And I- I am Cassandra,

mad, desirable, at times a bit inane-

undeserving, and yet

brought to pain-

by other women.

And I- I am Clytemnestra,

deceiving, adulterous and vile

Gullible, yet capable of guile.

And I- I am Atreus-

Monster, alienated from human

I know not what it is to be

human, only I feel something

strange grow within me-

they called it hatred

and I-anguish.

And I- I am Cassandra-

my prophecies bring to doom.

I tearfully tell you

And I- I too am Electra-

in perpetual wait,

I fear you are late.

And now, I realize,

I am also Hamlet.

I find the

rest is silence.