Sunday, 6 March 2011

Will someone please talk to me before it is too late?


Strawberry Amma said...

If you believe in angels (like I do too), I shouldn't be talking to you at all.

Have a good one! :)

Elendil said...

Earth calling Panda, earth calling Panda...

Strawberry Amma said...


How are you? How's the rehabilitation camp in Africa?

Do they give you food, shelter and clothing?

Are you writing good comic books, Africa?

Strawberry Amma said...

Okay, so here's for some valuable wisdom that I want to share with you today.

We share a very simple equation with the world:-


y is the range, x is the domain - what we do determines the y, and where we concentrate our efforts represent the x axis.

Sometimes, we don't really know where our strengths lie, so we choose improper domains and don't perform well. Hence, we cannot attain the highest range i.e. value of y.

God helps us realize by cutting an intercept and for those who have limitless potential in all areas, there is no such intercept.

However, we humans fail to realize our domains and then try to rise along the Y-axes.

It's time to do a SWOT Analysis before nature starts to throw apples at you, and you keep wondering at gravity.

So much gyaan for today.

Anoo. said...

PANDA! Shhh. It'll be alright.


The Reluctant Rebel said...

So tell me...

Arse Poetica. said...

I can't. How?