Sunday, 13 February 2011

a love poem inspired by neruda

Tonight you speak to me some of my saddest thoughts.

Say, for instance,'The world is not large enough
to accommodate your solitude.'"

The sea breeze touches your soul with a balmy kindness.

Tonight you speak to me some of my saddest thoughts
How I hate you, and sometimes you hate me too.

It is on nights like this that we made love
I struggled against the infinite blackness we call the sky.

You hated me sometimes, and I hated you too.
How can one not hate your passionate sneer?

Tonight you speak to me some of my saddest thoughts.
To think I've never known you. To feel that thus, I can never lose you.

And this cruel and endless night, still more cruel without you.
The verse is tortured out of my soul like a last confession.

What does it matter that my intelligence cannot entice you?
The night is endless and my beauty might suffice.

This is all. Somewhere, someone might translate me. Somewhere.
Here we do not speak the same language.

I wish I could reach you.
My mind yearns for you, and you are never with me.

The same night which separates our understanding.
We, of shared knowledge, do not eat the same apple.

I no longer hate you, that's certain, but indeed I have hated you.
My voice tried to find words that could articulate my hatred.

Another's. You will be another's. You will read other poems.
Your silence. Your sharp eyes. Your passionate sneer.

I no longer hate you, that is for sure, but perhaps I hate you.
Hating is so easy, but to remember why is hard.

Because on nights like this you held me in your arms
and my soul revolts on knowing that you have lost me.

Though this is probably the last time you make me suffer
and this is the last time we share a poem.
This is perhaps the last time, that I write
or pretend to write
a poem for you.

Friday, 11 February 2011

a fabulous mermaid

Fables are not for little children.
The heat oppresses me.
As the air escaped my lips, I caught it
in my fingers. It did not linger.
And it never came back.
A part of my soul left me forever
I suffer from a lack.
And I would never know
how to get it back, and so:
The world is too vast
and my world is too little.

My world is too small
and I cannot hold air
in the palm of my hand.
I do not understand
why I cannot hold it all
Hold all in my heart
Why my eyes smart
at the mention of the universe.
I guess it is a curse.

And I think:
I will hold stars in my eyes
and air in my fist
And my love will be mist.
And I shall sink
Deep into the sea.
At last I will be me.

Oh yes, the heat oppresses me
and fables are not for little children.
And yet I would be
a mermaid.
I would be...
One with the sea.
I would be.