Saturday, 21 August 2010

last poem

last night

i had a strange dream

disconnected, dreary, dismal,

and dull

you think i remember it

(i don't)

the dream was almost in parenthesis

it had no punctuation

it had nothing

but yes, i thought it had meaning

but i woke up

and it ceased to be

like love

an eternal joke and farce

i saw you gone

and that was enough

anarchy------> freedom

love-------> indifference

death-------> absurd


give me universal darkness

and rid me of my technicolour dreams

and my sepia life. fuck you

pissoffs. fuck you.

i hate you i hate you i don't care

why too? mama tambien? why too?

i say (i fart) a humongous moo

and my turd is like glue

it sticks to me (i must not stick to you)


Liberty is not merely a statue in America.


they will build my bust
because they must
though all else be dust


sex is a nightmare

when you have no love

and love is boring

when you have no sex

and drugs are dangerous

when you have no life

and life is meaningless

when not punctuated

so my dreams, you pissoff

you must punctuate my dreams

and i will fight

to my dying breath

buying death

buying death

buying time too.

pissoffs pissoffs

i hate you.

hate your games

hate your names

this is my epic

and you are less

than my toothpick

you think pathos

i end in bathos


Freedom is when you hold your head high

from spondylosis.

Keep it up.

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