Saturday, 12 June 2010

This is for you.

are the nameless friend
I miss. When I see art
and hear music. My heart
is with you. End
is also you, and I
am merely the beginning.

Must I name you?
I am alone
But should I blame you?
On my own
But always. Like a song-
a song in my mind
elusive and taunting
forever haunting
I knew you all along.
(Must you be unkind?)

This is my final verse.
Brilliance I have none.
You have fun.
I am your curse.
And I look for you
In the smiles of children
In the eyes of sin
In the dreams of strangers
In the lies of kin
And I look for you
And I write.

But no. I look again
I call you my intimate other
Sensual is my love
and yet I'd call you brother.
Are you my self?
Are you art?
And my heart
grows cold.
Horror makes me old.

is repulsive. Its transience
makes no sense
yet on its altar
I daily burn incense.
My nameless friend
says there are no friends
Only desire
(Means-who looks for ends?)
and lack is the fire.
This lack and then desire
I fear your sorry ire.
And yet I know
You are not


storyteller said...

ooh nice and shiny template :)

Anonymous said...
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AUROBOROS banerjee said...

yes, i repeat what vickiekurt said. you'r so smart.

that, however, fails to come as a surprise, cuz' that is not half the reason why you are this cool.