Friday, 19 February 2010


I have often wondered whether one lives in this world when one is extremely fatigued. It almost feels like a parallel universe, this world of infinite weariness. At such times I wish to be 10 again and feel that certain nonchalance. I remember Turner Classic Movies (or TNT as it was known then) and extended dinner and extended dessert and then finally a cozy bed with a cozy lamp and a shrug of the shoulders before a dreamless and relaxing sleep.

Yet- I forget to mention the bedtime book- that haven of endless peace in which one immersed oneself before that dreamless sleep. Such comfort, such beauty. Where do they go, I wonder, these innocent days? Slowly disappearing into a sepia past, the contours fading into a web of relentless time... Time, our eternal enemy, bites into our black and white photographs leaving a trail of red. Our blood that slowly coagulates into rust and disappears into the ether altogether.

When extreme fatigue strikes me, I look into my fridge for chocolate. Such it has always been. Such it will always be. But today my fridge seems to be containing only the humble pumpkin, that hideous bumpkin. Seldom have I hated kumro so much, as today.

No chocolate. I am so tired.


storyteller said...

You are right.Now I'm feeling sadder and I want chocolate.Poof.

Elendil said...

Hey, guess what, there are two cats having sex outside my window right now. It's really fascinating!

Somewhere Circus said...

Nothing fascinating is happening. Frank Lampard has just scratched his nose before pulling at the drawstrings of his shorts. A second before taking position at the Wolves match.