Sunday, 21 February 2010


I looked at my room today and thanked God that I have been given a home. My lamp, made of bits and pieces of coloured glass, looks like fragments of divine feeling. I know that sounds absurd but is not, if you knew my lamp. I am happy to be alive and in a pretty room. Therefore I am not an atheist, never was and never will be.


Elendil said...

:-) Nor am I, anymore. I told you about my mystical experience toh. It was just like Book of Thel, minus the last plate.

Also, you must be insane. You spend a GRAND on that lamp. A GRAND. Well, if it makes you feel happy... *shrug*

Anurima. said...

very pretty lamp it is :)

Holy Ghost said...

Why I am an Atheist

I am an atheist, because I care for the thousands of others who don't have homes.

I am an atheist, because there are thousands who live life such that there be no homes for the poor.

I am an atheist, because if I weren't one - I would perhaps never work towards searching for the Good that lives in us, thanks to the God within us.

If I start believing in God, I would stop believing in evil and never be able to know and shun the evil that exists within me, leave alone others.

Somewhere Circus said...

Rimi dee once told us in class that after reading certain pieces of writing, you may feel like you want to agree wholeheartedly with the writer and do not, for even a second, feel like refuting him or her. However in those cases we are expected to force ourselves to disagree.

I have so failed her.