Wednesday, 20 January 2010

---with love---

Sometimes the sudden gust
of wind carrying sparkling dust
is akin to some savage lust

and the sun eclipses-
because it must.

Sometimes the sudden sigh
of the protracted long goodbye
might even be a little lie

and the leaves go flying-
because they die.

Sometimes the trees flower again
flower in beautiful scarlet pain
and blood is the colour of the evening rain

and the bees go berserk-
driven insane.

Sometimes impossible is loving and a kiss
may be the cruellest possible bliss
and then you think, what did i miss?

and the world smiles-
it is this.


Holy Ghost said...
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Elendil said...

Great one. Not aantel types, but heartfelt, deep and brilliant.

Arse Poetica. said...

@elendil-thank you for understanding :)

storyteller said...

You are so good at this.

Madhuri said...

beautiful Ahona :)!