Friday, 8 January 2010


one day you you who look at me now
with slinky smiles of self deception
will hate me beyond
for when cognition
catastrophe happens

the cat atrophies
and the sadness beyond human understanding
human misunderstanding
human do-they-call-it-love?

strange are the ways of strangers
strange are the ways of friends
stranger this world than strange
always this eternal change
aristotle; o friend, there are no friends!

one day, you who look at me now
and feel feel so much
may forget to feel.

may never remember
may never resurrect
may never recollect

but one day we
pebbles by the shore
though now we do so no more.

so now you smile your smiles of slinky self-deception
and i think;
the cat atrophies.


Rahul said...

Thats a fantastic poem. Cheered me up on a frantic friday. Thanks!

Anik Biswas said...
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storyteller said...

You be toocools!

Arse Poetica. said...

how this poem can cheer someone up, i fail to understand.

perhaps that is why i am the toocools ;)