Tuesday, 22 December 2009

lo la lee

You know it's winterish in Cal when your feet are cold without socks. I have taken out my old muffler, you can't tell whether it's blue or green. My hair is in wintercut mode. And I am fatter also. So yes, 15 degrees celsius. I love you.

This, if you don't know, means that May is the cruellest month. My parents got married in May. Seven years later, I hated August-because I was born. Crueller than the cruellest month, summer and all. My mother gorged on strawberries and peaches, and yet I was a sick salmon colour when I was born. And now I am a sick darker salmon-gone-bad. That is perhaps because of the acne I have never much had.

And now, there isn't much to say. I've been 13 all my life, and never had much acne. There is a perpetual discontent-mingled-gruntlement that I suffer from. I do not blame it on my bowels. I blame it on your bowels. Were those pearls that are your teeth?(Bite me.) And I'll rip your teeth and make a lovely bracelet and wear it to supper when I am 91.

I have been 21 for some time. It could have been better, but then you could say it all the time. :)


Anurima. said...

lo la loo loo

Arse Poetica. said...

thank you for the most discerning and tasteful and thoughtful comment in the world!

Diwakar Sinha said...

I love the month I was born, not the year, not the place...but that is a different matter...and no I am poor enough to have normal yellowish colgate-whitened pair of 32s.

Anik Biswas said...

This is actually one of your better "potty" posts.

Keep writing such potty.

You might as well start to entertain the older audience like me, although your prime attraction still remains to be the kid.

precisely said...

you're a naughty knave and a potty slave.


Anurima. said...

I love precisely's comment. She is precise.