Sunday, 6 December 2009


I have prided myself on my eloquence
eloquent ahona
aur kuchh kaho naa
but my body hates my mind

o what could be more kind?

my mind has drawn a blank
i wish a cheque would be as blank
so that i could fill it
then i would bill it
but my mind has played a prank

come back, my sweetest mind
knowledge let us together find
i think i could do it
body would boo it
body-i'll woo it

dear body please co-operate
don't hate me, i'm always late
so i've loved you before
and i'll love you some more
as for now, come back
marry my mind
i'm your progeny
illegitimate progeny
a daughter of hate
(please co-operate)

ahona's body really loves ahona's mind, where be you nice people? come back


Elendil said...

By the fact that you've put together a string of somewhat intelligible sentences, I surmise that you've had some sleep at last. Have you not?

Talia said...
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Madhuri said...

Cheer up, the body and mind can ramble by themselves quite happily :)

storyteller said...

hawhaw :P

Reeti said...


sudipto said...

tui akta jaa taa...

AUROBOROS banerjee said...

Ever considered the option of leaving your manic ways/
even if just for a few winter-smelling days/
charting stasis for your nerves, and unscrewing your gaze/

and be a thanda-panda for once?? or for a few days??

Elendil said...

I quite agree with Arnab. Tis not the time to wander, not to ponder.