Friday, 30 October 2009


When I was a little girl of ten
I knew my mind
I was unkind
How I loved me then.

When thirteen struck my life
I was fat and spotty
And did very good potty
There really was no strife.

When I was slimmer fourteen
I looked angelic nice
Girls would look at me twice
And the boys found me most sportin'.

Sixteen was sweet enough
I grew breasts and my voice grew deeper
On trains I'd never go sleeper
Only trigonometry was tough.

Eighteen I was in uni
I would rant and cope
Even do dope
Smoke and drink like loony.

But shit I am now more than twenty
Women hate me
Men berate me
Worries I have a plenty.

All my life I will be plagued then
By my face and my mind
And always try to be kind
Oh I wish I could be ten again.


AUROBOROS banerjee said...

oh to live the joys of nonage/
when general awareness was innocence's wage/
when countenance was moonland, fresh, happy and spotty/
and healthy potty brought more joys than luciano pavarotti...

you know more than you did before/
your general squirrel head has become a library's store/
innocent beauty bears testimony to experience's sore/
once a denizen of the heights, you'd have lost your door.

i don't know know how to break this but it's already too late/
the first wrinkle of wisdom heralds the butchery of cruel fate.
you'd learn to learn life by relative moments and antiquities of mahogany
until you are home alone in a sunset, with lame T.V reruns to keep you company.

Arse Poetica. said...

tui ashol genius, amra nokol genius!

Tangled up in blue... said...

wow!! Reminded me of Dorothy Parker.. :)

maybe its just the nostalgia talking but man life used to be so easy breezy.. *big long sigh*

Elendil said...

@ Panda: Tui ekdom i genius nosh re. Tui ekta moshto boro boka paantha. *hug*

Anurima. said...

orre baba prayag bangla bolche :O

Elendil said...

My bangla has improved vastly in recent times, I tell you! Vastly! Prochondo.

Anonymous said...