Thursday, 22 October 2009

Little Intellectual Droppings

There was a man called Happy
There really was a man called Happy
Whether he lived up to his name
Without an iota of shame
I don't know; I feel rather crappy.

There was a man called Witty
Whether he made people snigger
Without pulling the trigger
The fear! Oh it makes me feel shitty.

There was a man called Mr. Just
He drove people mad with lust
His sense of justice was sick
From four lines to limerick
Why? Oh because I must.

There was a cat called Rum Tum Tugger
Mr Eliot wrote about this bugger
Also Mac Cavity the candy store chain
That promised to give dentures pain
Oooh I feel the urgent need to mug 'er.

Go on, rebuke me, with your droppings of poo
The cat will always miaow, the cow forever moo.
But this beauty of a duty, I tell you true
Your snot I will recycle into excellent glue.

Hug Me. I Hug Goo.


Anurima. said...

I will never borrow glue. from you.

KittyCat said...

hahaha! how nice it be. i lovvve! seriously. :D

i hug goo too!

Tangled up in blue... said...

this has got to be the most beautiful shit ever written..seriously!! :D

Elendil said...

Your last lines are just genius.

KittyCat said...

i take that back

KittyCat said...

i don't want to be covered in goo of digested bamboo

Rahul Saha said...

From such poets who think they are fun, I think I must run.