Friday, 16 October 2009

Letter to God.

Dear God,

The nice neo-liberal bourgeois modern mind, bless it. I hope it prospers along with our nation of smart semi-literate (rather cruel) but young and vibrant nation. These nice young people look so nice, but in your eyes God, I hope to God that they don't look so attractive as they look to us. I know God that you may be a solicitor, but you are no lawyer, for you are just. You know that wrongs aren't always crimes. You know that this uncivil society is a sham and a shame. For that, I am greatly thankful. As I was telling myself yesterday, God is a poet though they do not know it. God is a marvellous poet and therefore I hope that I can take this slight poetic liberty...of hoping for poetic justice. Eventually.

God is also a doctor, but he is not doctored like the society we live in. Neither does God have a deep and dashing cleft on the chin. God is supreme where the law is rather depressing or in a State of Anarchy where there is no law. Oh, I dislike West Bengal so much. When is it going to make some development in the right direction? Everyone knows that the Left is Godless, by God, I hate the Left, to repeat an old joke, there is nothing Right about it. In fact, everything is all Wrong. That is to say, if everything is not all Crime. Crime and chaos can at times be synonymous, at least for one who likes to see The Order of Things. And for dear life, who is being Foucauldian? I am just being clever. I am sure there is a difference. In that case, all our politicians would be Foucault and what a disaster would that be. For our clever historian was quite gay, and where would our politicians be without offspring? The horror of leaving behind a legacy to nobody in particular! The ties of blood are thicker than water, I don't know about Hooghly water. That is rather dirty, muddy and thick. In a democracy, everybody gets water to drink. It's a fundamental right, I believe. But that water can kill you. Nevertheless it's water.

God, o God, my dear God, I wish I could believe in you more, then I would write you letters everyday. For example, when Gate #4 collapsed in JU killing those labourers. We walk through that gate every single day God, and we find it disturbing only very rarely. Only after watching disturbing things on CNN about war in Iraq and stuff. Such a lot of innocent people dying every day, and those wretched Maoists...what are they thinking of? Oh what a stupid question to ask. I am sure they are only thinking evil things. I am sure they have no grievances, and I am definitely sure that they can never be rehabilitated. We have no idea of justice, God. You must not teach us. I am afraid that would make us less modern, less interesting and definitely less attractive. I am sure our smiles would not be so dazzling if we knew justice, I am sure our eyes would sparkle less.

Meanwhile I am sure God that NDTV just does a magnificent job, and here we are reading Eliot the banker-turned-poet even as all our poets turn bankers and all our bulls and bears have the most charming Viagra to boost their libido. The champagne is pouring, the guardians of our collective consciences are snoring, and the loins and the lions are roaring. The world is just perfect, and will increasingly grow more perfect.

We are perfectly happy, God. Perfectly happy.


Baudolino said...

Ahona, doesn't the expression 'poetic justice' suffer from a defect of repetition? Isn't justice, whatever may it be, inherently poetic?

Baudolino said...
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Arse Poetica. said...

Your comment also suffers from the defect of repetition, you've made it twice.

Is justice always poetic? Now that would lead us to question the notion of "justice". Suppose a rapist is hanged for crime and murder, hanged brutally and sensationally. Whether that act is poetic I cannot say. That would lead us to question the notion of

Most of all, I do not think that repetition here entails a defect. I adore the phrase "poetic justice"...I have not coined it but by God, I think it is not defective. It is affective.Also effective.

Anonymous said...

"Behind every great fortune, there is a great crime" - Balzac. Having never read the Frenchman, all I know is this is the epigraph of The Godfather. Rotonbabur o tai. Onar purbopurush (tar somprodayer aro oneker moto) ra opium benchten.

shob-i bhogobaner kripa. bum bholey!
all for the greater good! bum bholey!

Baudolino said...

You speak of justice as it is in society, and I speak of justice as it ought to be. Justice consists not in the judgment of a judge, not in the actions of a good man, my dear, but in an initial position of impartiality. That can only be achieved through sympathy, a sentiment founded solely on imagination. Justice as fairness is born out of fiction.

soumik said...

Sardonic satire is the last resort for dissent. When you know nothing we do or say is gonna change things, you might as well try getting a few laughs out of it... even if the forecast calls for no smiles.

Monidipa said...


Mer-curial-maiden said...

I'm so glad you wrote this. But I just wanted you to know, you're not alone, and we will take over soon. :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

The Left is Godless and the Right foists God upon us, so much so, that we feel less human everytime they talk about Our God and Their God.

I am so tired of it all, I want to give up God altogether.

But my rebellion wud mean little to anyone but me, as this letter to God reminds me.

Bad things happen everyday, everywhere in the world..and yet, the commonplaceness of it all hardly makes our personal tragedy any less tragic.

I read a newspaper column in the editorials page in HT on Sunday, written by a Bengali professor lamenting the lack of development in West Bengal. He talked about how there was everything right there, the aspiration, the creativity, the energy and yet, there was no progress. Becoz the Decisionmakers were making all the Wrong Decisions.

Every morning I wake up, and spend a couple of minutes wondering how the world manages not to fall apart through the night.

Tangled up in blue... said...

@ Mer-curial-maiden:

:) There will always be hope, yes?

Arse Poetica. said...

"Things fall apart
The Centre cannot hold
Mere anarchy is let loose upon the world"

Sorry for being cryptic and quoting Yeats to mean something so overtly political that I am scared at this point to utter it. Only know that I mean the centre and that here at least there is nothing Left about it.

Uttaran said...

Thank you for writing this.

I love you for writing this.

There has been much commentating on this, so I shall refrain. The poet of course is not a poet unless he/she is at war with the world.

Thank you

AUROBOROS banerjee said...
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AUROBOROS banerjee said...

we often end up blowing/
candles of our own unknowing/
we take pride in unbecoming/
we (stupidly enough)love it more when it's showing/
justice is often but an unwelcome fate/
giving an illusion of a rectified once-ungodly state/
when a solitary one is waging war with the world/
every atrocity could be logically justified/
if we would only grant that justice is never late/
once in a while, it only gets denied.