Monday, 14 September 2009

if only the butler did it

Well, what can I say? I am an oaf though not obnoxious. Hardly endeared myself to the Rhodes Committee by refusing to answer the first question. Which was, "Why do you think you should get this scholarship? Why not someone else?" So I said, "I don't think that I can answer this question." And today, two people refused to have coffee with me in BCl. Everybody hates me. I need another haircut if I am to succeed in life.

Righto. Right ho. Today I went to Milonda's 4 times! To faff around i.e., where I met my dear friend Batman. Whose batman? For shame, he is no valid valet, he is a superhero, a Lennon shenanigan, while he (you know who!) is Rainman! Hee hee. Oh stupid! So then dear stoner-loner told me about how kinky Goblin Market utterly twisted...woe for the little girls corrupted so early by their ahem!

OK. I am so sleepy only, but about to defrost my mind with Arnoldian prose. When he began the dialogue with his own mind, why did he not stop to consider whether he was really spreading sweetness and light or some mildewed (sticky) raspberry jam that stinks miles and miles until all the Margarets and Marguerites and Margrits and Margots get the drift, eh?

I am sick of literary allusions. I realize this post sucks. (d)Over Beach i.e., I am not over Beach. If only the butler did it!

You can see how excaaite I am. What can I say? Spenser, Sophocles, Seneca, the Rossettis. Read the last of the lot. After them three with names beginning with S-es. Why do I exist?

My laptop just answered the question.
His name is Lenovo Thinkpad.


Elendil said...

That's my joke! You stole it, you stoler! And I have decided not to begin till tomorrow.

Monidipa said...

sit-and-chat session required, possibly accompanied by tea/coffee. say when?

Anurima. said...

'Goblin Market' is all about the art of giving and receiving fellatio. It is about sucking melons, plums, grapes. Also one must preserve the bichi. I kid you not.

Astraeus said...

well at least you said you wont answer that, i had made a fool out of myself talking about trees and plant and whatnot

Magically Bored said...

Haha, I like this post. It's so random!