Friday, 7 August 2009

X, X but not one more X

i have maistrie o'er pastry
my mother calls me "nasty"
i am hasty, you are tasty?

you're a zonkie i am a poodle
you're a cubicle, may i canoodle?
dream dahling and do not doodle.

you're a chicklet i am a chickie
you're hentai without a hickie?
sickie, sickie yo aren't you picky?

pickles, pickles, fickles, druids and sickles, death and scythe
me is a swit myth, bend to my legend, be my friend
acknowledge i'm funny, and say "hey, wise wit!"

oh my cool canoodling poodle, i be a nosy li'l noodle
we're so hottie
we're so cool
(alas poor yorick!)
modern X-tian fool.


Jadis said...

hentai without a hickie!! :P

KittyCat said...


Mer-curial-maiden said...

"Hey, wise wit!"

Squiche said...

rotfl, i love your pissy poetry!!