Friday, 24 April 2009

Time,Dali, and Juvenilia.



Time is something that eludes
During Nocturnes and Preludes
Papa I cry Chopin...did he know?
Like Dali on whom it'd grow
Like a moustache with a mission
Time is a smelly emission.

Time is a tantalising tarantula
Which traps the crap of generations past
Time at last with the last teardrop
Time for some soda ginger pop.
Ma! I cried, I'm so terrible with time
Worse than with metaphor or rhyme.

Time for you and time for me...
Or Eliot's time, diffused with glee
Ominous time, wasted vastness
Dwelling in now is dwelling in pastness.
Everything I do tells me I'm so bad at it.
Everything the world does, I'm just mad at it.

Time for murder, time to die
Time to droop, time to fly.
Time to cry and time to kill.
Time is just a career skill.
And with that pearl of wisdom told
My time's ending-may yours unfold.

In fact, as this time begins one time does end.
My time's an enemy; is yours a friend?
I don't think any time can be.
I think my time. Is. Just. Me.

Darn- what lazy lameness lies here!
I want Dunhill& Bitter Strong Beer.


Nimo said...

Within your dimension of 'Time' you have managed to revive my love for the Floyd song.

The previous post too is finely penned.

Anurima. said...

time=term paper.

UNWRITTEN term paper!!!!

Jadis said...


is the definition of spending. And often of waste. :'(


Madhuri said...

Hey Ahona, beautifully done!

AUROBOROS banerjee said...

ahhhh.......the tantalizing connection between the soul verve, ahona's poetry and the last bankrupt notes of (snigger, snigger) the *floyd song*.....

nimo u endearing cretin.when will u people learn that the only people who tag apocryphal definitions of "Time" in a sundry track with evocative, personal poetry are people who obviously had the pale ale for breakfast????

Elendil said...

Jesus Christ. Maybe this is coz I'm stoned, but this poem is just fucking brilliant. You HAVE to read my term paper. It talks of a lot of the things you've wittily dropped in.

'Time is something that eludes
During Nocturnes and Preludes'

That is the whole essence of Tolkien and the Other Time he creates. It's a space of escape from our own time. While in Middle Earth, time eludes you. Because of it's 'Nocturnes and Preludes'.

'Or Eliot's time, diffused with glee' - this line confused me. Are you being sarcastic, coz Eliot's time was certainly not diffused with glee. But I like the dropping in of other people's concepts of time. I love the reference, (subtly done and only through form, not direct allusion) to 'A time to murder, a time to create.. ' etc from the Bible.

'My time's an enemy; is yours a friend?
I don't think any time can be.' - this is a very nice pair of lines. I like how it's one thought flowing over the first couplet into the second. Kinda creates a sense of a break after the third line, which fits with the theme of the poem. The third line pauses, like time itself can, when you're contemplating. And the lines are just that, contemplative.

And the last couplet goes back to the first thought. Escape. Beer and Dunhill. 'Distill the wine', etc.. defeating Time by losing oneself in Nocturnes and Preludes. Again, that's just what I've talked about in the paper. Please read it some time. It's about fantasy being an escape from time and the ephemerality of things.

Sorry for the long answer-type discussion of your poem. I just thought it was damn good, and I had these thoughts about it, so I thought I'd ask you.

Nimo said...

@ A Banerjee - Your biological age supersedes your age.

With 'Time' you too may learn to escape the pedant in you.

@ Ahona - My apology for indulging this circus.

A lovely poem.. & yes it manages to revive my love for Floyd's 'Time'

Baudolino said...

Bhaalo...chomotkaar kobitaa.All the ordinary language variations on the word 'time', (for example, 'time' being one's foe, 'time' eluding movements of music and so on), all its ambiguities, are perhaps a sign of time's ineffable givenness, a givenness exhibited in our quotidian (cotidian?)existence...Dunhill & Bitter Strong Beer

storyteller said...

You are an effing brilliant writer, I <3 you,yes!

Monidipa said...

this is one of my favourites. except the last couplet, i don't like that. it just feels lazier than the rest of the poem. a poem like that deserves a stronger (maybe not more meaningful, just stronger) conclusion.