Tuesday, 7 April 2009

that hazy lie

we were so well and we were so fine
until you came and said you were mine
decant the dreams along with the wine
but i said i know you're not mine

we were so sad and we were so nice
together yet apart so much away
you would have me at any price
together together for the eternal day

i wanted to breathe the fresh air again
alone on my twinkletoes with you
you wanted to crush the petals in pain
death alone is such beauty true

we were so well and we were so sad
you took me and crushed me into your heart
and now we are so well and we are so mad
mad with love hatred desire to part

part with the old ways
part with the cold days
(part with the hazy lie
they call the future)

mad with lust.


ananya chatterjee said...

very nice...very very absorbing...

Baudolino said...

Does your poem end there, Ahona? Or, does it end somewhere before?

ahona said...

@ ananya-thank you muchly

@baudolino- to translate bengali proverb...with one hand clapping does not happen, eh?

storyteller said...

I love love love this!Its very emotive and quirky,wonderful combination :P

Madhuri said...

a very nice image of the future :)!!