Wednesday, 4 February 2009


This world is one of the cruellest places in the universe. The sun is very hot and you mustn’t go near it, and Pluto is freezing and probably not a planet anymore, and you can’t live on Venus or Mars, but this world is horrid precisely because it is none of these things, and yet so much worse.

And I hate the mosquitos that swell up with my blood but I can't bear to call them parasites...that word is harsh and unforgiving and I am not. Or am I? Or am I just sleepy? I have a paper to read tomorrow. Another seminar. Yet again. Moo. Mew?

This world is cruel, I burst into tears the zillionth time today. I could solve water crisis in Ethiopia if I only knew how to harvest tears. Well this world might not be that cruel but I am afraid I am a bit of a retard. I ask for humiliation. I plead misery. I hold out a plate and ask for more. I bask in the sorrowful. Or do I?

One day I will sound like a poem myself. Or a song. One day I'll open my mouth and epiphany, not sound, shall emanate.

Till then, my friends and foes...
Who knows?


arnab banerjee said...

you do resonate the thoughts of a certain individual, whose prostrated philosophies pertaining to life coerced him into weaving this into a song...

All the words are gonna bleed from me
And I will sing no more

The life as you might suggest is hardly a celebration of the moribund...........and i say it with conviction because, otherwise, your loo would have remained a cesspit frequented by the desperate, the perverted and the scatologically prolific.

arnab banerjee said...

instead, the women's loo is now a thing of beauty.

which i am yet to see( hastily annexed).

Elendil said...

Mairi, tui ki darun likhish. Foe like line on epiphany, very nice. Hugs, many.

the soliloquist said...

One day I will sound like a poem myself. Or a song. One day I'll open my mouth and epiphany, not sound, shall emanate.

Bah.Ki profound byaparshapar.
The world is cruel. Because I can't write like that.

Also, the loo at Subarna Jayanti stinks.

ahona said...

@sohini- *mew*
of course you can't write like that.that's coz you write way better.i love the way you you must have gathered by now.

bohut achha, my loo is really very ordinary, ekdin eshe ektu hagoo kore jaa.

tumi kaader kuler b(h)ou goh tumi kaader kuler b(h)ou?huggies and hugoos to you too...