Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?

erm, I am?

Though I have, dear reader, misled you. This post should actually have been titled Who is Godot?
The answer, being, of course, you, you and (don't panic or shirk responsibility) -you.
Please do not think I am joking. I have tried to read the play. The references to the vegetables are definitely more alluring than the allusions to the Second Coming. As Prayag had once said, "I have just realized that Jesus Christ is the most important person in human history." Which is wrong, because he is divinity now. But what complexities have arisen thus! I am much depressed. What if there was NO Christ? Is this blasphemy? Where would you and I be? Would we have ANY OF THESE TEXTS AS SYLLABI?

No, sir. I thus conclude that Godot has come for me. And precisely, Monday afternoon, Godot will come, consume me like a tasty turnip (that I am, or a crisp carrot) and then vanish, leaving Christendom scarred forever. I shall be a martyr, not in ecstasy, but still a martyr. All of you, and you, and you shall sing hymns in my name. I will hover around in white robes and silver slippers and radiant halo and say, "Haylo". All of you will then look upwards at my beatific mien. But you are stupid. For then Godot will come for you.

Hahahahahahahahaha. Don't you know? There's no point waiting. Would you wait for a dentist? No, then why wait for Godot? Why do that goddamned play? Why feel such existential dilemmas, the utter angst, the utter pain, the utter pangs of going round and round in eternal vegetabilia?

Dammit. I am also afraid of Virginia Woolf.


Oshtorombha said...

Bon. I am afraid too. Of Mr. Marvell.

Not Captain Marvell, as our media has nicknamed our captain, Mr. Dhoni. The Andrew kind.

By the way, have you ever imagined our Andrew babay in a tight red suit, golden boots, a white cape with golden lining and a thunderbolt sign across his chest? Also, very content and somewhat malicious expression on his face?

This cannot be imagined. Go see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Captainmarvel.JPG for the real thing. Shit man, I will have nightmares. Mr. Marvel(l) looks like he will eat me up. Gobble Gobble.

*runs away from nowhere to nowhere*

ahona said...

Marvell, trust me, is the least of our worries.

March Hare said...

Mwahahaha. Mere third years! With lal! And Godot! Mwahahahaha!

p.s. I, by the way, have a very manageable syllabus. I just have to make sure I can quote from every GODDAMN Shakespeare sonnet there ever is. It would also be helpful if I finish 700 page novels by George Eliot. And it would be marvellous if I can quote Chaucer. Verbatim. Really, I have quite a manageable syllabus.

Anurima. said...


*marvels at Oshtorombha*

Modernism, first. A big WOO(l)F to that!

Oshtorombha said...

uff. I am scared of everything, dammit. But the picture of Captain Marvel.. plisto see. Ota dekh Anu. Aar dekhay Andrew bhai er kotha bhab. Ga shiuray uthbay, I swear.

Modernism toh, boltay nei, psychedelic ki na. Onek Onek Spasmo kheye test debo, dnara.
*chuckles at Panda*

Reeti said...

See See See, I read AND comment!

Jadis said...

Ulp. I'm scared of Greene.

and Middle English.

Elendil said...

Nothing to be done. And therefore, nothing to be afraid of. Our bullshit writing skills will pull us through with yet another first class first class.

Anurima. said...

brrrr. ebar nightmares.

mojo said...

dhur bara gulo, miller porlei to hoy...