Saturday, 29 November 2008

the naught joke.

In the light of Godot and Borat, both of which are flashing through my mind in lurid images, I have come up with a variation of the NOT joke.

It's called the NAUGHT joke.


Godot is meaningful, Godot is lovely, Godot is wonderful, I am waiting for Godot.



Elendil said...

Modernist Who Wants to be a Millionaire, final round. One million dollar question -

Is there any meaning to life?


a) Perhaps
b) Yes, the meaning is not meaning anything
c) I don't know
d) Quaquaqua

Oshtorombha said...

Elendil: NAUGHT. :D

In general, everyone is so miserable.

But whyack thoo. I love my goo.

Anurima. said...

@Elendil: Quaquaqua.

*bated breath*

Do i win?

Elendil said...

Actually, this being the Existentialist/Absurdist Who Wants to be a millionaire, there is no right answer :P And the million dollar prize means nothing anyway. So you win, because you have made some meaning of your own out of the intrinsic meaninglessness of life (as the existentialists believed you should), and yet you win nothing at all.

GAH!! See what this nonsense is doing to my brain?! I must return to sanity. Potty potty potty. Save me.

Elendil said...


Anurima. said...

Ah. So, it's almost like I get to win, but I don't get to take the prize home. Given the existential dilemma of the prize- there was no prize at all.

ahona said...


Elendil said...

Something of the sort. I cannot tell you for sure, because of course, there is nothing for sure :)

Hahaha. Or should I say, quaquaquaqua

ahona said...

non non, authenticity is the new normative category.