Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Not quite bawd, oh gawd.

Dear Everyman,
What is your problem?
Must you gurgle at my akrasia?
Weak of will, strong of bum
I have only. Rum.

Dear Bawdolino,
Must you shrug?
Must you whisper?
Give me a hug.
And I will show you rum.

Dear Pig,
Are you willing
Bawd unwilling.
Cure thyself. Be ham.
And I will chuck. Lamb.

Dear Friends,
I love you all, I think.
Unless you have a Chevrolet,
BeeEmDubloo or Private Plane.
I am not vain. But I ain't jet.

Dear Love,
I don't eat chicks.
Chicken, never.
So, no fix.
I like dicks. i ain't no bi.
I ain't Freudian.
Don't wanna try.
Don't blame me. 'twas aesthetic.
not sexual. I love your prick.

-On admiring hot women.Clarifying confusion.


Baudolino said...

I ain't Freudian.
Don't wanna try.
Don't blame me. 'twas aesthetic.

A murderous little Machiavel, aren't you?

Baudolino said...

Er...sorry, it was irrelevant.

ahona said...

*gurgles with joy and abandon*

I love Bawdolino, you know?

Anurima. said...


Oshtorombha said...

Change your profile picture. You look like an elf with brown rags over its shoulders and broom in hand. You little dog. Change kor, taholay toke ekta lyangcha aar duto rosogolla khawabo.

Jijo said...

Hmmph. Tomar Rum, Bum, Poty r Fart niye fascination ta gelona konodino. which is Good. :D