Thursday, 3 July 2008

Balls of China/Balls from China/Chine -daanaa.

It was a magical evening; sweaty and humid and drunk. I was swaying(drunk). It was in a crowded bus after a bout at Floor7. Hmmm. Then this man comes and pushes his way through many foul smelling people and seems to take out something from his butt. Like a magician and mutters something like Chine dana...

And then I see shrivelled Balls (ostensibly from China?) and I wonder how cruel they are to Tibetans and why these are sold like everything else Chinese. Then the man says that if one soaks them in water(not gin alas!)they become nice glorious gloating balls... balloons perhaps-or maybe marbles?

They will puff up, he says, they will look comfortable. One was easily convinced after he showed a Before/After demonstration. I was clutching my wallet. The night was magical despite the humidity. N would call in a bit and I could brag to Baudolino about my recent acquisition. So should I chuck 5 bucks?

Then it is too late. He disappears, or I have reached my destination and the bus stops and I hop down and I have nothing except an odious odour wafting from my person.The scent of an unfulfilled evening and disappointed magic.


March Hare said...

the last line made a lot of sense. :)

what are your recent aquisitions?

mojo said...

jinish taa kintu daarun...slimy type er ekta ball er akaar dhaaron kore...tarpor you have this incredible urge to squeeze it and make it pop, its addictive, like bubble wrap...

panu said...

whattheefisthis? they have ben-wa balls??

littleblackstar said...

i can get you some of these. esplanade and parkstreet metro station'er shamne bikri hoye.

hingshuti said...

haha! "shrivelled Balls [of]...China"


Wolfie Mozart said...

i have a LOT of these things (dontaskwhy). youwant??

rainbeau_peep said...

they're glorious! speshly the pink and blue!

These, and pens that smell of bubblegum and chhotobela'r ishkool er robaart. and plasti-sin smiley faces in neon orange!

wait, I will give you. Gives me an excuse to buy 'em, seeing as how I should be too old to enjoy them.

I mean, hullo &c.

rainbeau_peep said...

oh. e baba. you have other givers.

there goes my renaissance.

ahona said...

@rainbeau peep-
life is delightful, innit?


my work is done, don't even ask.

ahona said...

Rohineeeee-why should anyone be too old to enjoy ridiculous things?When i'm senile(old enough) I will EAT chinedaanaa.

Anoooo,Mandee- Daaaao naaaaa
*whines and whines*

Bimbo- a grey hair.Also, since I didn't get my balls of China, the last line obviously made sense. The spirits were wearing off, but the smell wasn't. Nothing can be more disenchanting.

Panu-Poornadidi, Poornadidi, tumi boddo nisthur goh.

mojo- armchair critic!

maddy-i aim to plis, no?plis?

Elendil said...

I too had the same urge, with the same result. *highfive to loserdom*

Nice post, by the way. Makes a lot of larger sense.

Opaline said...

I have eaten one of those. I am not senile.

Jadis said...

See? You finally blogged about 'Chinaballs..' hehe and you never bothered to inform me! How cruel!! sniff sniff. :P

@Anu & all
Hehe don't be ridiculous. They are sold EVERYWHERE, and Panda can get 'em herself!...The fateful day our results were announced...the fateful rainy day...I had to stand under a dokaaner shed beside this guy selling 'em...for almost an hour..haha!

Royal Bengal Tigress said...

I bought plastic bubble making gel from the Book Fair last year.