Monday, 9 June 2008

Eternal sunset.

This is a poem I wrote when I was in Class X. It was after a bout of euphoria which was followed by a nasty sinking feeling in stomach, possibly the beginnings of the stones-in-gall-bladder, possibly the awful periodic depression we all face, now and then.

Eternal sunset, orange and red-
The colourless life, a colourful head.
So many sparkling rainbow-like dreams.

Exquisite gardens of blossoming flowers-
Grown over centuries, dead in an hour.
A flickering firefly gleams.

Twilight approaching, sunset shall go-
All of eternity in a singular flow,
The gloaming heralds a darker age.

Darkness forever in the fairyland-
Castles built in the pristine white sand,
Broken and shattered in a fit of rage.

Castles in sand, castles in air-
Illusion here yet delusion there!
How words do change....

Eternal sunshine, orange and red-
Beautiful flowers destined to be dead
Of what variety and range.


Baudolino said...

tam eva viditvaa atim.rtyum eti
naanyaH panthaa vidyate'yanaaya

Knowing him, we transcend death
There is no other path to peace.

A just reply. Or an unjust one.

What's In A Name ? said...

The 2nd stanza takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

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fyn scarlet reed said...

Spotless minds, onek ghoshey-mejey.