Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Often I feel like a child with a
Lollipop, brutally taken away
By force.And then the bullies
Chop!Off went their tongues.

Brutal, sadistic, bad
are our souls, vengeful and mad,
I like it that way.So interesting.
And so eternally sad.

Lollipops evolve, as we do,
metaphors change and take shape,
sometimes we might see them through
and sometimes we are chopped.

Brutal, sadistic and sad am I
Brutal and bad are you
I love it the way we might be,


Elendil said...

Are you sure lollipops is spelt with two 'l's? Otherwise, nice poem. I think I be understanding why you wrote this too.

Arse Poetica said...

of course they are spelt with 2'l's

Elendil said...


I dunno.. seems a little weird. It's fun to say the word over and over again in that funny way though.. try it.


Can I have a loLLipop please?
etc.. yeah.

Arse Poetica said...

it sounds a bit obscene when you say it like that.

Nehal Ahmed said...

it had been very long since i read somebody that i would like. now that i came across your blog the 'long' has ended.

i found your blog through your profile which i found through Mrinalini's testimonials on orkut. I am her classmate (if you need to know)

i connect to the manner in which you string your words. so i like your writing. :)