Monday, 4 June 2007

When It's Almost Tuesday

When It's Almost Tuesday, Midnight.

Dearee Dooooo....
Midnight beckons with silver wings
Like all pretty witty things
Hot as Hortense, sad as sapphire
this weather is not what i desire
Come take me to Trollish Delights
Where we while away the nights
In fluorescent memories obscene
Vulgar in tone, colour green.
Come let us go to OceanBlue
where the fishies fishy you
And then in a little glen
We shall practise a little zen
Come take me to Viagra Falls
where the phone is immune to calls
the Dog, at least, so has decreed
Brood not, unless you Breed.


babelfish said...

woot! i wike!!

Arse Poetica said...

Well,thankee Babelfish.Coming from Bandhakopi, this is maacher muro diye compliment.

Elendil said...

Eeks. Maacher muro is the most disgusting food ever. *makes puky face*

This poem is not bad. And thank you for stealing my template! Get another one!

Arse Poetica said...

Oy Elendil, cut out the condescension and do something worthwhile for a change.Maacher muro is delicious.

oliver said...

where the fishies fishy you

woo hoo!

Arse Poetica said...

Hoo Woo...phish phish