Wednesday, 18 April 2007

4 am at morning.

Every morning, at about 4, when the world starts waking up, I go to sleep.
Don't ask me why, but sometimes the sounds of dawn are so beautiful that my insomnia seems insignificant in comparison.
the fan whirrs overhead
and the crow caws gently, in a haze of incomprehension
shokaal hoyechhe naki?
but it's not morning yet,it's in-between and trying to sleep in this period of transition
is well, difficult
plus I'm hungry,really hungry
my punctuation and grammar disintegrate...dissolve into waves of fatigue that ask my fingers to stop typing
and the mind to go on
and the stomach says,
shokaal to holo
ebar ektu khete toh paro
and i'm hungry,really hungry
but i know that i'll fall asleep in about 20 minutes
and when I wake up
the sounds will be a lot different
and i'll feel as if i need cha more than i need food
i'll be late, for everything, as usual.
Forgive me, all those inconvenienced
especially,my stomach....